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Welcome to my Portfolio page. These are my projects I have completed as a creative and ambitious 22 year old writer. Currently, I am in my last semester at UNC Pembroke in Pembroke, North Carolina. My undergraduate studies were heavily concentrated toward my Bachelor’s Degree in English. This curriculum focused my writing on business communication and 1511110_10151948508188052_1016800307_nprofessional writing along with some literature, creating an adaptable and creative skill set.

During my fourth year I attained a Marking Minor to add value to my Liberal Arts Degree.  I have found passion in Marketing & Advertising.  For the past year, I have accumulated relevant experience in the town of Pembroke, North Carolina. In addition to my broad range of classes, developing a marketing plan for a restaurant and applying my critical thinking skills towards extensive research has readied me to hit the ground running at my first job out of school.

My projects are focused in Advertising & Literary Scholarship, Print Media, Marketing & Advocacy Proposals, and Creative Writing. Be sure to wander around the blog to learn more about me. Below I have attached my resume. As you scroll down you will see my complete portfolio full of past and current projects.

Make it a Great Day

Zach Ubaldini


Below are PDF links to my resumes. I have chosen the most adaptable craft to perfect. Writing can transcend business, art, and many other spheres of the professional world.

Publishing Resume     MKT Resume     Lit Resume     Journalism Resume

Teamwork in the Workplace

I recently studied how creativity can be enhanced in the workplace in regards to decision making. The real test was to try it out in the real world. During a Sunday meeting for Highway 55 I tried out the “Parallel Ladder Method” to help brainstorm ideas with the rest of the team. We came up with promotional ideas, customer service methods, and ideas for a more efficient workplace. This brainstorming session improved our customer’s experience and our experience as employees.

Creative Collaboration in Decision Making

Sustainability Work

In an attempt to create a more sustainable town in Pembroke, North Carolina, I developed a proposal for the property managers in town. My project highlights the financial and moral advantages to a recycling program. Unfortunately, the property managers did not see the same side as The Recycling Corps.

Recycling Proposal

Advertising Scholarship

A collection of my advertising research. Most of my work focuses on past forms of advertising and the innovators that created some of the first advertisements. Begging the question…”What can we learn from them?” I learned always to stick to your goals, but also keep the values that let you form those goals.


Dickens & Ads Poster


Innovative Authors: Charles Dickens & Modern Marketing

Nonfiction Writing

I recently wrote a paper on Altruism and our chief motives behind selflessness.

Altruism: Our Own Reason to Give

My Marketing Game Experience

Check out my experience with the widely used marketing simulation The Marketing Game. The link will guide you to my PPT presentation after the experience. Something I learned, get out to a fast start.

Marketing Game Presentation

Print Media

Below is a Door Hanger I presented to my boss at Andy’s Cheesesteaks where I worked as a cook and ultimately Assistant Manager. He thought that this would be an effective way to promote brand awareness. We began to put the door hangers out and noticed an improvement in awareness at first. Unfortunately, the establishment burnt down in the midst of the marketing plan and we did not realize the full effect.

Andys Door Hanger-page-001 (1)

This is a flyer I made for an English Club Bake Sale using Microsoft Word. The Bake Sale proved profitable and we ended up getting many books for children in need.

The Scotland County Guardian ad Litem allows a childs guardian to provide them books and look over them for couseling and advocacy.
The Scotland County Guardian ad Litem allows a child’s guardian to provide them books and look over them for counseling and advocacy.

Thank You for viewing my portfolio. Stay updated and check out my latest projects. Do not hesitate to contact me.