DSCN0491Welcome to my Creative Writing Page

        Here is where I post my creative writing projects I work on. I dabble in poetry but love flash fiction. Stay in touch for the weekly installments of The Trials of Gonzalo, a group of my flash fiction.

Some other categories show the genres that I work in. For instance, the Creative Nonfiction section is made up of nonfiction pieces that tell stories of human experience and simplify some of the most thought provoking subjects on the planet like love, evolution of the brain, and more interestingly why we create.

Flash Fiction

The Trials of Gonzalo

This project is my first crack at writing a book. It will be a lot like the movie Vantage Point with different perspectives along the way. Each story is only 500-1000 words so feel free to read one, a few, or everything I have posted. I will be posting weekly to gain viewership, to learn my voice, and most of all Pitch Myself.  This 50 piece collection discusses 50 different characters and their trials in the fictional lake town of Pansville. I came up with this when Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast and the area was ravaged by the storm.

This book will be  marketed toward 20 somethings who may not want to pick up a book and read 50 pages, but would rather encounter that  “Ah Ha” moment of their own over a couple pages and put the book back down. This collection is my shot at dialogue development, character development, plot connections, and more importantly implementing some wit into writing. So let us see what I got and I hope you enjoy the ride. Stay updated for more stories to come.

The Trials of Gonzalo begins with the story of News Anchor Bill Bachman and his disagreement with his Producer for the local news channel of Pansville. From there, the rest of the stories begin to mesh into chaos and ultimately mold into harmony. Enjoy.

Bill Bachman     Donny Vegas

Creative Nonfiction

“Altruism: Our Own Reason to Give”

I recently wrote this paper in response to the book “A Natural History of Love” by Diane Ackerman. Ackerman’s book outlines the subject of love that can be studied, but not understood. I look at one topic she writes about, Altruism. The paper shows us the real reason to why we sacrifice our time, money, and energy for others without our own material gain. Here is an excerpt:

“…Our egos and internal reasoning is one of the things seperates us from other animals, helping us evolve and progress through time. We reflect on our actions to find self-worth, self-gratification, and the metaphorical “light” we feel when we help somebody.”

Feel free to take a look at the entire piece: Altruism: Our Own Reason to Give


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