Waiting for Flight

Sitting Waiting Writing

That’s the only thing we can do…well besides drink, while I sit here waiting for US Airways flight 5172 to take off. We were about to pull out when suddenly an known fluid strikes the ground. There is a reason for everything. Air traffic control rushes onto the scene and stops us immediately and it is another 35 minutes before take off. So I got a double shot of Jack, got my pen out, and started writing another installment of The Trials of Gonzalo. 

Through one more outline and five more character sketches I realized that my writing is the thing that controls my impatient tendencies. All the anger, all the frustration, all the negative energy that the other forty passengers are feeling…I do not feel. Call me an optimist or better yet a optimistic symbolist, but this really is not too shabby.
I use to have a problem with waiting and wasting time over little things. Now all I see is opportunity to create, opportunity to design and justify an idea that may have potential to become something great. I am just happy I give those ideas a chance now instead of being wrapped up in what I could be missing out on.


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